Australian Dragonflies and Damselflies: Identification Keys

The checklist below provides easy access to the keys in the Identification Guide to the Australian Odonata, written and illustrated by Gunther Theischinger and Ian Endersby, published by the DECC, NSW, and downloadable in PDF format from this address.

This checklist contains the following elements: the number of the species as per our overall checklist, its common name, its scientific name, the name(s) of the person(s) who described the species and the year of that description, and the word "Key". Clicking on the word "Key" opens up a new window with those sections of the identification keys which are relevant to the species.

Please note that all of the data in the identification key, including the text, distribution maps, and line-drawings themselves, are copyright-protected. They must not, therefore, be reproduced, republished, redistributed, modified, etc. without the express written permission from the copyright holders. Note also that the acronym DECCW, NSW underneath each key couplet stands for the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water, New South Wales.

#SuborderFamilyCommon NameSpeciesKey
1ZygopteraLestidaeWestern RingtailAustrolestes aleison Watson & Moulds, 1979Key
2  Slender RingtailAustrolestes analis (Rambur, 1842)Key
3  Blue RingtailAustrolestes annulosus (Selys, 1862)Key
4  Inland RingtailAustrolestes aridus (Tillyard, 1908)Key
5  Metallic RingtailAustrolestes cingulatus (Burmeister, 1839)Key
6  Northern RingtailAustrolestes insularis Tillyard, 1913Key
7  Iota RingtailAustrolestes io (Selys, 1862)Key
8  Wandering RingtailAustrolestes leda (Selys, 1862)Key
9  Dune RingtailAustrolestes minjerriba Watson, 1979Key
10  Cup RingtailAustrolestes psyche (Hagen, 1862)Key
11  Small ReedlingIndolestes alleni (Tillyard, 1913)Key
12  Cave ReedlingIndolestes obiri Watson, 1979Key
13  Slender ReedlingIndolestes tenuissimus (Tillyard, 1906)Key
14  Dusky SpreadwingLestes concinnus Hagen, 1862Key
15 HemiphlebiidaeAncient GreenlingHemiphlebia mirabilis Selys, 1869Key
16 ChorismagrionidaePretty RelictChorismagrion risi Morton, 1914Key
17 SynlestidaeSouthern WhitetipEpisynlestes albicauda (Tillyard, 1913)Key
18  Tropical WhitetipEpisynlestes cristatus Watson & Moulds, 1977Key
19  Intermediate WhitetipEpisynlestes intermedius Theischinger & Watson, 1985Key
20  Forest NeedleSynlestes selysi Tillyard, 1917Key
21  Tropical NeedleSynlestes tropicus Tillyard, 1917Key
22  Bronze NeedleSynlestes weyersii Selys, 1869Key
23 MegapodagrionidaeMidget FlatwingArchiargiolestes parvulus (Watson, 1977)Key
24  Tiny FlatwingArchiargiolestes pusillissimus Kennedy, 1925Key
25  Little FlatwingArchiargiolestes pusillus (Tillyard, 1908)Key
26  New England FlatwingAustroargiolestes alpinus (Tillyard, 1913)Key
27  Flame FlatwingAustroargiolestes amabilis Förster, 1899Key
28  Tropical FlatwingAustroargiolestes aureus (Tillyard, 1906)Key
29  Barrington FlatwingAustroargiolestes brookhousei Theischinger & O'Farrell, 1986Key
30  Powdered FlatwingAustroargiolestes calcaris (Fraser, 1958)Key
31  Milky FlatwingAustroargiolestes christine Theischinger & O'Farrell, 1986Key
32  Golden FlatwingAustroargiolestes chrysoides (Tillyard, 1913)Key
33  Azure FlatwingAustroargiolestes elke Theischinger & O'Farrell, 1986Key
34  Common FlatwingAustroargiolestes icteromelas (Selys, 1862)Key
35  Sydney FlatwingAustroargiolestes isabellae Theischinger & O'Farrell, 1986Key
36  Coastal FlatwingGriseargiolestes albescens (Tillyard, 1913)Key
37  Turquoise FlatwingGriseargiolestes bucki Theischinger, 1998Key
38  Grey-Chested FlatwingGriseargiolestes eboracus (Tillyard, 1913)Key
39  Springs FlatwingGriseargiolestes fontanus (Tillyard, 1913)Key
40  Grey FlatwingGriseargiolestes griseus (Hagen, 1862)Key
41  Alpine FlatwingGriseargiolestes intermedius (Tillyard, 1913)Key
42  Metallic FlatwingGriseargiolestes metallicus Sjöstedt, 1917Key
43  Stream FlatwingMiniargiolestes minimus (Tillyard, 1908)Key
44  Treehole FlatwingPodopteryx selysi Förster, 1899Key
45 ChlorocyphidaePapuan JewelRhinocypha tincta semitincta Selys, 1869Key
46 CalopterygidaePapuan DemoiselleNeurobasis australis Selys, 1897Key
47 LestoideidaeLarge BluestreakLestoidea barbarae Watson, 1967Key
48  Short-Tipped BluestreakLestoidea brevicauda Theischinger, 1996Key
49  Common BluestreakLestoidea conjuncta Tillyard, 1913Key
50  Mount Lewis BluestreakLestoidea lewisiana Theischinger, 1996Key
51 DiphlebiidaeSapphire RockmasterDiphlebia coerulescens Tillyard, 1913Key
52  Tropical RockmasterDiphlebia euphoeoides Tillyard, 1907Key
53  Giant RockmasterDiphlebia hybridoides Tillyard, 1912Key
54  Whitewater RockmasterDiphlebia lestoides (Selys, 1853)Key
55  Arrowhead RockmasterDiphlebia nymphoides Tillyard, 1912Key
56 IsostictidaeNorthern PondsitterAustrosticta fieldi Tillyard, 1908Key
57  Eastern PondsitterAustrosticta frater Theischinger, 1997Key
58  Kimberley PondsitterAustrosticta soror Sjöstedt, 1917Key
59  Pilbara PinEurysticta coolawanyah Watson, 1969Key
60  Coomalie PinEurysticta coomalie Watson, 1991Key
61  Kimberley PinEurysticta kununurra Watson, 1991Key
62  Queensland PinEurysticta reevesi Theischinger, 2001Key
63  Large WiretailLabidiosticta vallisi (Fraser, 1955)Key
64  Rock Narrow-WingLithosticta macra Watson, 1991Key
65  Southern PinflyNeosticta canescens Tillyard, 1913Key
66  Tropical PinflyNeosticta fraseri Watson, 1991Key
67  Forest PinflyNeosticta silvarum Sjöstedt, 1917Key
68  Slender WiretailOristicta filicicola Tillyard, 1913Key
69  Northern WiretailRhadinosticta banksi (Tillyard, 1913)Key
70  Powdered WiretailRhadinosticta simplex (Martin, 1901)Key
71 DisparoneurinaeBlack-Winged ThreadtailNososticta baroalba Watson & Theischinger, 1984Key
72  Green-Blue ThreadtailNososticta coelestina (Tillyard, 1906)Key
73  Northern ThreadtailNososticta fraterna (Lieftinck, 1933)Key
74  Spot-Winged ThreadtailNososticta kalumburu Watson & Theischinger, 1984Key
75  Koolpinyah ThreadtailNososticta koolpinyah Watson & Theischinger, 1984Key
76  Citrine ThreadtailNososticta koongarra Watson & Theischinger, 1984Key
77  Malachite ThreadtailNososticta liveringa Watson & Theischinger, 1984Key
78  Striped ThreadtailNososticta mouldsi Theischinger, 2000Key
79  Pilbara ThreadtailNososticta pilbara Watson, 1969Key
80  Orange ThreadtailNososticta solida (Hagen, 1860)Key
81  Fivespot ThreadtailNososticta solitaria (Tillyard, 1906)Key
82  Melville Island ThreadtailNososticta taracumbi Watson & Theischinger, 1984Key
83 CoenagrionidaeBlue SlimAciagrion fragile (Tillyard, 1906)Key
84  Silver WispAgriocnemis argentea Tillyard, 1906Key
85  Tropical WispAgriocnemis dobsoni Fraser, 1954Key
86  Pinhead WispAgriocnemis femina (Brauer, 1868)Key
87  Pilbara WispAgriocnemis kunjina Watson, 1969Key
88  Pygmy WispAgriocnemis pygmaea (Rambur, 1842)Key
89  Red-Rumped WispAgriocnemis rubricauda Tillyard, 1913Key
90  Blue-Banded LongtailArchibasis mimetes (Tillyard, 1913)Key
91  Red-Tipped ShadeflyArgiocnemis rubescens Selys, 1877Key
92  South-Western BillabongflyAustroagrion cyane (Selys, 1876)Key
93  Northern BillabongflyAustroagrion exclamationis Campion, 1915Key
94  Pilbara BillabongflyAustroagrion pindrina Watson, 1969Key
95  Eastern BillabongflyAustroagrion watsoni Lieftinck, 1982Key
96  Tiny LonglegsAustrocnemis maccullochi (Tillyard, 1926)Key
97  Kimberley LonglegsAustrocnemis obscura Theischinger & Watson, 1991Key
98  Splendid LonglegsAustrocnemis splendida (Martin, 1901)Key
99  Large RiverdamselCaliagrion billinghursti (Martin, 1901)Key
100  RedtailCeriagrion aeruginosum (Brauer, 1869)Key
101  Swamp BluetCoenagrion lyelli (Tillyard, 1913)Key
102  Aurora BluetailIschnura aurora (Brauer, 1865)Key
103  Common BluetailIschnura heterosticta (Burmeister, 1839)Key
104  Colourful BluetailIschnura pruinescens (Tillyard, 1906)Key
105  Gold-Fronted RiverdamselPseudagrion aureofrons Tillyard, 1906Key
106  Northern RiverdamselPseudagrion cingillum (Brauer, 1869)Key
107  Flame-Headed RiverdamselPseudagrion ignifer Tillyard, 1906Key
108  Dusky RiverdamselPseudagrion jedda Watson & Theischinger, 1991Key
109  Citrine-Headed RiverdamselPseudagrion lucifer Theischinger, 1997Key
110  Blue RiverdamselPseudagrion microcephalum (Rambur, 1842)Key
111  Red-Breasted LongtailTeinobasis rufithorax (Selys, 1877)Key
112  Red & Blue DamselXanthagrion erythroneurum (Selys, 1876)Key
113AnisopteraAustropetaliidaeTasmanian RedspotArchipetalia auriculata Tillyard, 1917Key
114  Waterfall RedspotAustropetalia patricia (Tillyard, 1910)Key
115  Alpine RedspotAustropetalia tonyana Theischinger, 1995Key
116 AeshnidaeBlue-Spotted HawkerAdversaeschna brevistyla (Rambur, 1842)Key
117  Trifid DuskhawkerAgyrtacantha dirupta (Karsch, 1889)Key
118  Australasian DuskhawkerAnaciaeschna jaspidea (Burmeister, 1839)Key
119  Kimberley EmperorAnax georgius Selys, 1872Key
120  Green EmperorAnax gibbosulus Rambur, 1842Key
121  Lesser Green EmperorAnax guttatus (Burmeister, 1839)Key
122  Australian EmperorAnax papuensis (Burmeister, 1839)Key
123  Australian DuskhawkerAustrogynacantha heterogena Tillyard, 1908Key
124  Lesser DuskhawkerGynacantha dobsoni Fraser, 1951Key
125  Slender DuskhawkerGynacantha kirbyi Krüger, 1898Key
126  Paddle-Tipped DuskhawkerGynacantha mocsaryi Förster, 1898Key
127  Cave DuskhawkerGynacantha nourlangie Theischinger & Watson, 1991Key
128  Grey DuskhawkerGynacantha rosenbergi Kaup, 1867Key
129 BrachytronidaeWide-Faced DarnerDendroaeschna conspersa (Tillyard, 1907)Key
130 TelephlebiidaeThylacine DarnerAcanthaeschna victoria Martin, 1901Key
131  Terrestrial Evening DarnerAntipodophlebia asthenes (Tillyard, 1916)Key
132  Western DarnerAustroaeschna anacantha Tillyard, 1908Key
133  Mountain DarnerAustroaeschna atrata Martin, 1909Key
134  S-Spot DarnerAustroaeschna christine Theischinger, 1993Key
135  Wallum DarnerAustroaeschna cooloola Theischinger, 1991Key
136  Eungella DarnerAustroaeschna eungella Theischinger, 1993Key
137  Alpine DarnerAustroaeschna flavomaculata Tillyard, 1916Key
138  Lesser Tasmanian DarnerAustroaeschna hardyi Tillyard, 1917Key
139  Whitewater DarnerAustroaeschna inermis Martin, 1901Key
140  Grampian DarnerAustroaeschna ingrid Theischinger, 2008Key
141  Carnarvon DarnerAustroaeschna muelleri Theischinger, 1982Key
142  Multi-Spotted DarnerAustroaeschna multipunctata (Martin, 1901)Key
143  Sydney Mountain DarnerAustroaeschna obscura Theischinger, 1982Key
144  Swamp DarnerAustroaeschna parvistigma (Selys, 1883)Key
145  Inland DarnerAustroaeschna pinheyi Theischinger, 2001Key
146  Forest DarnerAustroaeschna pulchra Tillyard, 1909Key
147  Sigma DarnerAustroaeschna sigma Theischinger, 1982Key
148  Tropical Unicorn DarnerAustroaeschna speciosa Sjöstedt, 1917Key
149  Conehead DarnerAustroaeschna subapicalis Theischinger, 1982Key
150  Tasmanian DarnerAustroaeschna tasmanica Tillyard, 1916Key
151  Unicorn DarnerAustroaeschna unicornis (Martin, 1901)Key
152  Southern Giant DarnerAustrophlebia costalis (Tillyard, 1907)Key
153  Northern Giant DarnerAustrophlebia subcostalis Theischinger, 1996Key
154  Green-Striped DarnerDromaeschna forcipata (Tillyard, 1907)Key
155  Ochre-Tipped DarnerDromaeschna weiskei Förster, 1908Key
156  Northern Riffle DarnerNotoaeschna geminata Theischinger, 1982Key
157  Southern Riffle DarnerNotoaeschna sagittata (Martin, 1901)Key
158  Southern Cascade DarnerSpinaeschna tripunctata (Martin, 1901)Key
159  Tropical Cascade DarnerSpinaeschna watsoni Theischinger, 1982Key
160  Southern Evening DarnerTelephlebia brevicauda Tillyard, 1916Key
161  Northern Evening DarnerTelephlebia cyclops Tillyard, 1916Key
162  Eastern Evening DarnerTelephlebia godeffroyi Selys, 1883Key
163  Tropical Evening DarnerTelephlebia tillyardi Campion, 1916Key
164  Coastal Evening DarnerTelephlebia tryoni Tillyard, 1917Key
165  Carnarvon Evening DarnerTelephlebia undia Theischinger, 1985Key
166 LindeniidaeAustralian TigerIctinogomphus australis (Selys, 1873)Key
167  Pilbara TigerIctinogomphus dobsoni (Watson, 1969)Key
168  Cape York TigerIctinogomphus paulini Watson, 1991Key
169 GomphidaeSouthern DragonAntipodogomphus acolythus (Martin, 1901)Key
170  Top End DragonAntipodogomphus dentosus Watson, 1991Key
171  Cape York DragonAntipodogomphus edentulus Watson, 1991Key
172  Pilbara DragonAntipodogomphus hodgkini Watson, 1969Key
173  Northern DragonAntipodogomphus neophytus Fraser, 1958Key
174  Spinehead DragonAntipodogomphus proselythus (Martin, 1901)Key
175  ArmourtailArmagomphus armiger (Tillyard, 1913)Key
176  Western Red HunterAustroepigomphus gordoni (Watson, 1962)Key
177  Twinspot HunterAustroepigomphus praeruptus (Selys, 1857)Key
178  Flame-Tipped HunterAustroepigomphus turneri (Martin, 1901)Key
179  Pale HunterAustrogomphus amphiclitus (Selys, 1873)Key
180  Murray River HunterAustrogomphus angelorum Tillyard, 1913Key
181  Toothed HunterAustrogomphus arbustorum Tillyard, 1906Key
182  Inland HunterAustrogomphus australis Dale, 1854Key
183  Dark HunterAustrogomphus bifurcatus Tillyard, 1909Key
184  Western Inland HunterAustrogomphus collaris Hagen, 1854Key
185  Unicorn HunterAustrogomphus cornutus Watson, 1991Key
186  Fork HunterAustrogomphus divaricatus Watson, 1991Key
187  Northern River HunterAustrogomphus doddi Tillyard, 1909Key
188  Yellow-Striped HunterAustrogomphus guerini (Rambur, 1842)Key
189  Pimple-Headed HunterAustrogomphus mjobergi Sjöstedt, 1917Key
190  Kimberley HunterAustrogomphus mouldsorum Theischinger, 1999Key
191  Jade HunterAustrogomphus ochraceus (Selys, 1869)Key
192  Lemon-Tipped HunterAustrogomphus prasinus Tillyard, 1906Key
193  Tiny HunterAustrogomphus pusillus Sjöstedt, 1917Key
194  Black VicetailHemigomphus atratus Watson, 1991Key
195  Zebra VicetailHemigomphus comitatus (Tillyard, 1909)Key
196  Wallum VicetailHemigomphus cooloola Watson, 1991Key
197  Southern VicetailHemigomphus gouldii (Selys, 1854)Key
198  Stout VicetailHemigomphus heteroclytus Selys, 1854Key
199  Kakadu VicetailHemigomphus magela Watson, 1991Key
200  Rainforest VicetailHemigomphus theischingeri Watson, 1991Key
201  PinchtailOdontogomphus donnellyi Watson, 1991Key
202  Lilac HunterZephyrogomphus lateralis (Selys, 1873)Key
203  Rainforest HunterZephyrogomphus longipositor (Watson, 1991)Key
204 PetaluridaeSouth-Eastern PetaltailPetalura gigantea Leach, 1815Key
205  Western PetaltailPetalura hesperia Watson, 1958Key
206  Giant PetaltailPetalura ingentissima Tillyard, 1908Key
207  Coastal PetaltailPetalura litorea Theischinger, 1999Key
208  Beautiful PetaltailPetalura pulcherrima Tillyard, 1913Key
209 SynthemistidaeTwinspot TigertailArchaeosynthemis leachii (Selys, 1871)Key
210  Western Brown TigertailArchaeosynthemis occidentalis (Tillyard, 1910)Key
211  Eastern Brown TigertailArchaeosynthemis orientalis (Tillyard, 1910)Key
212  Spiny TigertailArchaeosynthemis spiniger (Tillyard, 1913)Key
213  Turquoise TigertailAustrosynthemis cyanitincta (Tillyard, 1908)Key
214  Yellow-Tipped TigertailChoristhemis flavoterminata (Martin, 1901)Key
215  Delicate TigertailChoristhemis olivei (Tillyard, 1909)Key
216  Variable TigertailEusynthemis aurolineata (Tillyard, 1913)Key
217  Mount Lewis TigertailEusynthemis barbarae (Moulds, 1985)Key
218  Small TigertailEusynthemis brevistyla (Selys, 1871)Key
219  Carnavon TigertailEusynthemis deniseae Theischinger, 1977Key
220  Southern TigertailEusynthemis guttata (Selys, 1871)Key
221  Pretty TigertailEusynthemis netta Theischinger, 1999Key
222  Black TigertailEusynthemis nigra (Tillyard, 1906)Key
223  Swift TigertailEusynthemis rentziana Theischinger, 1998Key
224  Rainforest TigertailEusynthemis tenera Theischinger, 1995Key
225  Mountain TigertailEusynthemis tillyardi Theischinger, 1995Key
226  Barrington TigertailEusynthemis ursa Theischinger, 1999Key
227  Beech TigertailEusynthemis ursula Theischinger, 1998Key
228  Golden TigertailEusynthemis virgula (Selys, 1874)Key
229  Royal TigertailParasynthemis regina (Selys, 1874)Key
230  Tasmanian SpotwingSynthemiopsis gomphomacromioides Tillyard, 1917Key
231  Swamp TigertailSynthemis eustalacta (Burmeister, 1839)Key
232  Tasmanian Swamp TigertailSynthemis tasmanica Tillyard, 1910Key
233  Clavicle TigertailTonyosynthemis claviculata (Tillyard, 1909)Key
234  Slender TigertailTonyosynthemis ofarrelli (Theischinger & Watson, 1986)Key
235 GomphomacromiidaeHorned UrflyArchaeophya adamsi Fraser, 1959Key
236  Magnificent UrflyArchaeophya magnifica Theischinger & Watson, 1978Key
237 PseudocorduliidaeCircle-Tipped MistflyPseudocordulia circularis Tillyard, 1909Key
238  Ellipse-Tipped MistflyPseudocordulia elliptica Tillyard, 1913Key
239 CordulephyidaeTropical ShutwingCordulephya bidens Sjöstedt, 1917Key
240  Clubbed ShutwingCordulephya divergens Tillyard, 1917Key
241  Mountain ShutwingCordulephya montana Tillyard, 1911Key
242  Common ShutwingCordulephya pygmaea Selys, 1870Key
243 AustrocorduliidaeNighthawkApocordulia macrops Watson, 1980Key
244  Sydney HawkAustrocordulia leonardi Theischinger, 1973Key
245  Eastern HawkAustrocordulia refracta Tillyard, 1909Key
246  Top End HawkAustrocordulia territoria Theischinger & Watson, 1978Key
247  Rainforest MysticAustrophya mystica Tillyard, 1909Key
248  Orange StreamcruiserHesperocordulia berthoudi Tillyard, 1911Key
249  Queensland SwiftwingLathrocordulia garrisoni Theischinger & Watson, 1991Key
250  Western SwiftwingLathrocordulia metallica Tillyard, 1911Key
251  Forest MosquitohawkMicromidia atrifrons (McLachlan, 1883)Key
252  Early MosquitohawkMicromidia convergens Theischinger & Watson, 1978Key
253  Thursday Island MosquitohawkMicromidia rodericki Fraser, 1959Key
254 MacromiidaeAustralian CruiserMacromia tillyardi Martin, 1906Key
255  Rainforest CruiserMacromia viridescens Tillyard, 1911Key
256 CorduliidaeAustralian EmeraldHemicordulia australiae (Rambur, 1842)Key
257  Fat-Bellied EmeraldHemicordulia continentalis Martin, 1907Key
258  Desert EmeraldHemicordulia flava Theischinger & Watson, 1991Key
259  Yellow-Spotted EmeraldHemicordulia intermedia (Selys, 1871)Key
260  Slender EmeraldHemicordulia kalliste Theischinger & Watson, 1991Key
261  Pilbara EmeraldHemicordulia koomina Watson, 1969Key
262  Superb EmeraldHemicordulia superba Tillyard, 1911Key
263  Tau EmeraldHemicordulia tau (Selys, 1871)Key
264  Offshore EmeraldMetaphya tillyardi Ris, 1913Key
265  Metallic TigerhawkPentathemis membranulata Karsch, 1890Key
266  Western Swamp EmeraldProcordulia affinis (Selys, 1871)Key
267  Eastern Swamp EmeraldProcordulia jacksoniensis (Rambur, 1842)Key
268 LibellulidaeSquare-Spot BaskerAethriamanta circumsignata Selys, 1897Key
269  L-Spot BaskerAethriamanta nymphaeae Lieftinck, 1949Key
270  Red SwampdragonAgrionoptera insignis allogenes Tillyard, 1908Key
271  Striped SwampdragonAgrionoptera longitudinalis biserialis Selys, 1879Key
272  Swamp Flat-TailAustrothemis nigrescens (Martin, 1901)Key
273  PalemouthBrachydiplax denticauda (Brauer, 1867)Key
274  DarkmouthBrachydiplax duivenbodei (Brauer, 1866)Key
275  Black KnightCamacinia othello Tillyard, 1908Key
276  Black-Headed SkimmerCrocothemis nigrifrons (Kirby, 1894)Key
277  Wandering PercherDiplacodes bipunctata (Brauer, 1865)Key
278  Scarlet PercherDiplacodes haematodes (Burmeister, 1839)Key
279  Black-Faced PercherDiplacodes melanopsis (Martin, 1901)Key
280  Charcoal-Winged PercherDiplacodes nebulosa (Fabricius, 1793)Key
281  Chalky PercherDiplacodes trivialis (Rambur, 1842)Key
282  ForestwatcherHuonia melvillensis Brown & Theischinger, 1998Key
283  Water PrinceHydrobasileus brevistylus (Brauer, 1865)Key
284  Australian SlimwingLathrecista asiatica festa (Selys, 1879)Key
285  Wandering PennantMacrodiplax cora (Kaup, 1867)Key
286  Pygmy PercherNannodiplax rubra Brauer, 1868Key
287  Elusive ArchtailNannophlebia eludens Tillyard, 1908Key
288  Pilbara ArchtailNannophlebia injibandi Watson, 1969Key
289  Top End ArchtailNannophlebia mudginberri Watson & Theischinger, 1991Key
290  Common ArchtailNannophlebia risi Tillyard, 1913Key
291  Australian PygmyflyNannophya australis Brauer, 1865Key
292  Eastern PygmyflyNannophya dalei (Tillyard, 1908)Key
293  Western PygmyflyNannophya occidentalis (Tillyard, 1908)Key
294  Scarlet PygmyflyNannophya paulsoni Theischinger, 2003Key
295  Spotted GrasshawkNeurothemis oligoneura Brauer, 1867Key
296  Painted GrasshawkNeurothemis stigmatizans (Fabricius, 1775)Key
297  Bicoloured SkimmerNotolibellula bicolor Theischinger & Watson, 1977Key
298  Speckled SkimmerOrthetrum balteatum Lieftinck, 1933Key
299  Brownwater SkimmerOrthetrum boumiera Watson & Arthington, 1978Key
300  Blue SkimmerOrthetrum caledonicum (Brauer, 1865)Key
301  Rosy SkimmerOrthetrum migratum Lieftinck, 1951Key
302  Slender SkimmerOrthetrum sabina (Drury, 1770)Key
303  Green SkimmerOrthetrum serapia Watson, 1984Key
304  Fiery SkimmerOrthetrum villosovittatum (Brauer, 1868)Key
305  Wandering GliderPantala flavescens (Fabricius, 1798)Key
306  SwampwatcherPotamarcha congener (Rambur, 1842)Key
307  Spiny-Chested PercherRaphismia bispina (Hagen, 1867)Key
308  Red ArrowRhodothemis lieftincki Fraser, 1954Key
309  Iridescent FluttererRhyothemis braganza Karsch, 1890Key
310  Graphic FluttererRhyothemis graphiptera (Rambur, 1842)Key
311  Yellow-Striped FluttererRhyothemis phyllis (Sulzer, 1776)Key
312  Sapphire FluttererRhyothemis princeps Kirby, 1894Key
313  Jewel FluttererRhyothemis resplendens Selys, 1878Key
314  Rainforest ElfTetrathemis irregularis cladophila Tillyard, 1908Key
315  TwisterTholymis tillarga (Fabricius, 1798)Key
316  Dune GliderTramea eurybia Selys, 1878Key
317  Common GliderTramea loewii Kaup, 1866Key
318  Northern GliderTramea propinqua Lieftinck, 1942Key
319  Narrow-Lobed GliderTramea stenoloba (Watson, 1962)Key
320  Red BaronUrothemis aliena Selys, 1878Key
321  Short-Tailed DuskdarterZyxomma elgneri Ris, 1913Key
322  Large DuskdarterZyxomma multinervorum Carpenter, 1897Key
323  Long-Tailed DuskdarterZyxomma petiolatum Rambur, 1842Key