Circle-Tipped Mistfly (Pseudocordulia circularis)

The Circle-Tipped Mistfly (Pseudocordulia circularis) is a dragonfly species of the family Pseudocorduliidae, which contains 2 species in Australia.

The identification key to the family Pseudocorduliidae consists of a single couplet, which is pertinent to Pseudocordulia circularis. Click on the number on the right to display the corresponding couplet.

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 PseudocorduliidaeCircle-Tipped Mistfly
(Pseudocordulia circularis)
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  • ○ Postgena usually dark brown or black immediately behind eye margin
    ● Male superior appendages slightly convergent beyond lateral tooth
    ● Female valves short, broadly triangular

    ⇒ species: Ellipse-Tipped Mistfly (Pseudocordulia elliptica)
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  • couplet drawingcouplet drawing
  • ○ Postgena usually brown immediately behind eye margin
    ● Male superior appendages converging abruptly beyond lateral tooth
    ● Female valves with elongate, finger-like apices

    ⇒ species: Circle-Tipped Mistfly (Pseudocordulia circularis)
Australian distribution