Dusky Spreadwing (Lestes concinnus)

The Dusky Spreadwing (Lestes concinnus) is a damselfly species of the family Lestidae, which contains 14 species in Australia.

The identification key to the family Lestidae consists of 15 couplets, 1 of which is pertinent to Lestes concinnus. Click on the number on the right to display the corresponding couplet.

#FamilySpeciesCouplet No.
 LestidaeDusky Spreadwing
(Lestes concinnus)
  • Lestidae: Key couplet 1 of 15

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  • ● Quadrilateral cells of forewing and hindwing similar in size and shape, that of hindwing less than 1.10 times length of forewing quadrilateral

    ⇒ species: Dusky Spreadwing (Lestes concinnus)
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  • couplet drawing
  • ● Quadrilateral cell of hindwing more than 1.15 times, usually 1.3-1.5 times longer than that of forewing
Australian distribution