Orange Streamcruiser (Hesperocordulia berthoudi)

The Orange Streamcruiser (Hesperocordulia berthoudi) is a dragonfly species of the family Austrocorduliidae, which contains 11 species in Australia.

The identification key to the family Austrocorduliidae consists of 10 couplets, 1 of which is pertinent to Hesperocordulia berthoudi. Click on the number on the right to display the corresponding couplet.

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 AustrocorduliidaeOrange Streamcruiser
(Hesperocordulia berthoudi)
  • Austrocorduliidae: Key couplet 1 of 10

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  • ● Only one cu-a in hindwing
    ● Costal side of hindwing triangle up to 1.7 times the length of proximal side and discoidal side of hindwing beginning with two rows of cells

    ⇒ species: Orange Streamcruiser (Hesperocordulia berthoudi)
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  • ● Two, occasionally more, cu-a in hindwing, or, costal side of hindwing triangle approximately twice as long as proximal side and discoidal field of hindwing beginning with one row of cells
Australian distribution