Zelena deva (Aeshna viridis)

• Scientific name: Aeshna viridis Eversmann, 1836
• English name: Green Hawker
• German name: Grüne Mosaikjungfer
• French name: Aeschne verte
• Dutch name: Groene glazenmaker
• Swedish name: Grön mosaikslända
• Norwegian name: N/A
• Finnish name: Viherukonkorento
• Danish name: Grøn mosaikguldsmed
• Italian name: N/A
• Czech name: šídlo zelené
• Slovenian name: Zelena deva
• Bulgarian name: N/A
• Typical length: 65-75 mm
• Hindwing: 38-45 mm

Zelena deva (Aeshna viridis)

Distribution map

Map data based on J.-P. Boudot & V. J. Kalkman (eds.),
Atlas of the European Dragonflies and Damselflies

The Green Hawker (Aeshna viridis) is about the same size as the much commoner Blue Hawker (Aeshna cyanea), while in terms of colouration it looks like a smaller version of the Blue Emperor (Anax imperator), with its thorax a vivid apple-green and its abdomen black-and-blue (in the male) or green-and-brown (in the female). The species occurs mainly in the North-East of Europe, with only a few more westerly outposts (notably in the Netherlands and Northern Germany). We first saw Aeshna viridis at a few sites in Finland but did not manage to photograph it well at all on those occasions. These sites - narrow canals with, interestingly, no sign of the Water Soldier (Stratiotes aloides) on which the species supposedly depends - were flanked by barley and wheat fields, and the animals were not interested in our camera - they just wanted to play hide-and-seek in the wheat fields. More recently, we saw the species again in the North of the Netherlands and this time there were no wheat fields to hide in. And so we managed, still with some difficulty, to photograph a number of males and females, and a copula. Note how all of the animals we photographed had badly damaged wings. The reason for this was probably twofold: we saw the animals at the tail end of their flight season, at which stage most species typically show a good deal of wear and tear. But more importantly, these damaged wings may have been the result of "chafing"; as a female descends into a rosette of Water Soldier to lay her eggs, her wings get chafed by the spiny, serrated leaves of the plant. And similarly, a male going down into a rosette to look for egg-laying females will get his wings damaged in the same manner.

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1 / 20; PhotoID: Dr1453 26/08/2012 10:45 Nizozemska F8 1/500 180mm ISO400 Canon7D -Crop -Flash MF
2 / 20; PhotoID: Dr1454 27/08/2012 10:05 Nizozemska F8 1/250 180mm ISO400 Canon7D -Crop -Flash MF
3 / 20; PhotoID: Dr1455 27/08/2012 11:44 Nizozemska F8 1/160 180mm ISO400 Canon7D -Crop -Flash MF
4 / 20; PhotoID: Dr1456 27/08/2012 12:01 Nizozemska F8 1/250 180mm ISO400 Canon7D -Crop -Flash MF
5 / 20; PhotoID: Dr1457 27/08/2012 13:49 Nizozemska F8 1/640 180mm ISO400 Canon7D -Crop -Flash MF
6 / 20; PhotoID: Dr1458 27/08/2012 17:02 Nizozemska F8 1/125 180mm ISO200 Canon7D -Crop -Flash MF
7 / 20; PhotoID: Dr1647 27/08/2012 17:38 Nizozemska F8 1/200 180mm ISO400 Canon7D -Crop -Flash MF
8 / 20; PhotoID: Dr1648 26/07/2012 17:45 Finska F8 1/160 180mm ISO400 Canon7D -Crop -Flash MF
9 / 20; PhotoID: Dr1649 24/08/2012 10:29 Nizozemska F8 1/200 180mm ISO400 Canon7D -Crop -Flash MF
10 / 20; PhotoID: Dr1650 24/08/2012 12:31 Nizozemska F8 1/320 180mm ISO400 Canon7D -Crop -Flash MF
11 / 20; PhotoID: Dr1651 24/08/2012 13:01 Nizozemska F8 1/400 180mm ISO400 Canon7D -Crop -Flash MF
12 / 20; PhotoID: Dr1652 24/08/2012 16:28 Nizozemska F8 1/125 180mm ISO400 Canon7D -Crop -Flash MF
13 / 20; PhotoID: Dr1653 25/08/2012 09:44 Nizozemska F8 1/400 180mm ISO400 Canon7D -Crop -Flash MF
14 / 20; PhotoID: Dr1654 25/08/2012 15:46 Nizozemska F8 1/125 180mm ISO800 Canon7D -Crop -Flash MF
15 / 20; PhotoID: Dr1655 25/08/2012 17:31 Nizozemska F8 1/500 180mm ISO400 Canon7D -Crop -Flash MF
16 / 20; PhotoID: Dr1656 25/08/2012 18:06 Nizozemska F8 1/25 180mm ISO400 Canon7D -Crop -Flash MF
17 / 20; PhotoID: Dr1657 26/08/2012 10:08 Nizozemska F8 1/800 180mm ISO400 Canon7D -Crop -Flash MF
18 / 20; PhotoID: Dr1658 26/08/2012 10:24 Nizozemska F8 1/200 180mm ISO400 Canon7D -Crop -Flash MF
19 / 20; PhotoID: Dr1659 26/08/2012 10:33 Nizozemska F8 1/400 180mm ISO200 Canon7D -Crop -Flash MF
20 / 20; PhotoID: Dr1660 26/08/2012 10:43 Nizozemska F8 1/400 180mm ISO200 Canon7D -Crop -Flash MF