OtherPix: 17: Mating

This photograph was made at the same site in August 2014 and this time the roles have been reversed; now the male is a Migrant Spreadwing (Lestes barbarus) and the female is a female Robust Spreadwing (L. dryas). If you think of the male's appendages and the female's pronotum as a lock-and-key system, then this photograph clearly shows he's made a mistake: this lock and this key don't match. After a few minutes the male realized his mistake and the tandem broke up.
For a detailed view of a male Lestes dryas in tandem with a female L. barbarus which more clearly illustrates the mismatch between her pronotum (the lock) and his appendages (the key), hover your mouse pointer here.

Migrant Spreadwing (Lestes barbarus), male, in tandem with Robust Spreadwing (Lestes dryas), female

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