OtherPix: 8: Prey

We made the following photograph in Italy in August 2007; it shows a typical scene of a dragonfly, in this case a male Banded Darter (Sympetrum pedemontanum), as prey rather than predator. Each season we see literally hundreds such scenes, either because spiders are indeed the most efficient dragonfly predators and/or because their predation is simply the most easily observed. By the way, getting a large and strong dragonfly in its web may not always be to the spider's advantage - if the prey manages to free itself, it can do a lot of damage to the web and thereby undo much of the spider's overnight weaving work. On the other hand, if a large dragonfly does get properly entangled in the web, it will provide the spider with a very substantial meal.

Banded Darter (Sympetrum pedemontanum), male, caught in web

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